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Demo Production

Marlo Flanagan is VCVO's resident demo producer. She has been making kick-butt, custom voiceover demos for over10 years.


Why do a demo with Marlo? She has a special ability to discover what makes you stand out. Whether your a beginner or pro, you will work together to discover and highlight your unique voice. Her demos show off your personality so you can cut through the competition. You walk away with a great demo and a better knowledge of your brand and how to use your unique voice to book jobs. 

The demo price includes everything from selecting personalized original copy, recording and professional direction to full sound design and mixing. Your demo isn't done until you are completely satisfied. Demos range from $250 for natural reads, $500 for samples (short demos) $1200 for commercial, $1400 animation and video games.  

How do you get an amazing demo with Marlo?

STEP ONE: Free consultation - Let's meet via Zoom and talk about your demo needs. What are your voiceover goals? 

What kind of voiceover do you want to do? What type of demo do you need?  What's your brand?  Then I'll start creating a personalized demo plan, which includes the demo cost and my branding recommendations.

STEP TWO: Demo coaching sessions.  We work for an 1-2 hours via Zoom. We will go over your demo copy, paying attention to branding, script analysis, character creation and voiceover acting skills.

STEP THREE: Recording session - In this 1-2 hour session, in-person or via Zoom, we record all of your pieces for your demo.  Going over mic technique and delivering consistent, dynamic reads that casting directors and agents want. 

commercial woMen

Miatta Lebile_Commercial
Barbara Saba - Commercial
Angel Harper_Commercial
Allison Beteta - Commercial
Vivian Gil - Commercial
Marygold Martinez - Commercial
Dannae Hunter_Commercial
Jaya Subramanian_Commercial
Charlie Gamboa_Commercial
Mariah Thompson_Commercial
Gina Devito_Commercial
Lucy Schmidt_Commercial
commercial Men
Mark Vedra - Commercial
Kyle Zingler - Commercial
Matt Shioi - Commercial
Robert Oldfield - Commercial
Jackson Adams - Commercial
John Atkins - Commercial
Tommy Hallal - Commercial
Nick Pilla - Commercial
Joey Millin_Commercial
Taj Jegaraj_Commercial


DarylJim - Animation
John Atkins - Animation
Robert Oldfield_Animation
Matt Shioi - Animation
Luke Carlsen - Animation
Kyle Zingler Animation Demo


Becca Flinn - Accent
Lucy Schmidt - Animation
Keely Marshall - Animation
Becca Flinn-White - Video Game
Dannae Hunter - Animation
Jaya Subramanian - Animation
Mariah Thompson_Video Game
Mariah Thompson_Animation
Allison Beteta - Spanish Commercial
SandraManwiller_Natural Spanish Read Voice Over
Chantelle Tibbs_Natural Spanish Read
Marygold Martinez_Filipino_Bisaya Natural Read Voice Over
Megumi Morino_Natural Japanese
DarylJim_Hawaiian Pidgin Natural Read
Matthew Shioi_Japanese Accent Natural Read Voice Over
Randi DeMarco - Singing Sample
John Atkins - Singing


Cameron Hoppe - Commercial
Alivia Claire Goldberg- Animation
Ayla Javier-Ramos - Natural Voiceover
Iliana De Rosa - Commercial
Luke Hocker - Video Game
Luke Hocker - Interactive

Natural read/Dubbing

Joey Millian_Natural Reads Voiceover
Allison Beteta Natural Realistic Demo
Lucy Schmidt_Natural Read Voiceover
Mark Vedra_Natural Read Voiceover
Elizabeth Chase_Natural Read Voice Over
Marygold Martinez_Natural Read Voice Over
Matthew Shioi_Natural Read Voice Over
Chantelle Tibbs_Natural Reads Voiceover
Mariah Thompson_Natural Read Voiceover
Lou Saliba_Natural Reads Voiceover
Crystal Slayer Natural Read Voiceover
Charlie Gamboa_Natural Reads Voiceover
Taj Jegaraj_Natural Reads
Sandra Manwiller_Natural Read Voice Over
DarylJim_Natural Read Voiceover
John Atkins Natural Reads
Briana Lyn Anderson_Natural Reads Voiceover
Robert Layth_Natural Reads Voiceover
Shannon Comiskey_Natural Reads
Email Marlo at to get a free quote on a demo reel
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