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Foreign Languages in Voiceover

Voice Crush is a full service VoiceOver studio specializing in career development, voice directing, voiceover education, demo production and industry pro workshops. And today we are proud to announce that we now have a foreign language department at Voice Crush. We want to share what we’ve learned and provide voiceover education and support for foreign language speakers.


We want to be a resource and to celebrate actors unique heritages and voices.



Our recent VCVO Foreign Language FREE Q&A was a huge success! We will be offering more events that support our foreign language voiceover actors.  Our first workshop will be Spanish Commercial VO. Keep in touch to find out about more events: Spanish Animation VO,  European Voices in VO, Video Games and accents. 

Meet the VCVO Language Team

Our Clients

Allison Beteta - Spanish Commercial
Marygold Martinez_Filipino_Bisaya Natural Read Voice Over
DarylJim_Hawaiian Pidgin Natural Read
SandraManwiller_Natural Spanish Read Voice Over
Marygold Martinez_Tagalog
Scottish Dubbing Reel_Charisse McLennan
Chantelle Tibbs_Natural Spanish Read
Megumi Morino_Natural Japanese
British Dubbing Reel_Charisse McLennan
Matthew Shioi_Japanese Accent Natural Read Voice Over

uploading more soon! 

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